What? We specialize in accelerating new business and increasing the return on innovation. We focus on innovations related to the industrial challenges in materials and energy.

How? We help unlock the potential of new business ideas and innovations, by turning them into ventures or start-ups and quickly bringing them to market. We do this, not as consultants, but as (serial) entrepreneurs and interim innovators.

For whom? We service both start-ups and corporates. We speed up innovation at corporates while learning them to innovate like start-ups. We support start-ups by coaching them and, when possible, investing and participating in them.

This way, we aim to bridge the gap between the start-up and corporate world!


market access


fast learning


focus on new business and business as unusual
teams with entrepreneurial spirit
speed, flexibility & agility
bridging inside and outside world (open innovation)
more ideas to (new) markets & application areas


Our customer’s challenges

  • I feel we spend a lot of money and effort on R&D and new business development and more should come out of it

  • We are good at incremental innovations, but we know we have to step up

  • Innovation is not easy, often it conflicts with running business

  • A lot of ideas do not come to its full potential, due to a lack of available competences and entrepreneurial mindset

  • I know innovation is about speed and dealing with uncertainties



We love to work as entrepreneurs, together with your innovation team, with a joint commitment to success.

The five elements we believe are key to the success of ventures, and thus an integral part of our services:

Compiling the winning entrepreneurial team

your company resources together with ours

Selecting the right business opportunity

the opportunity with lots of potential, a little bit further away from home

Defining & realizing success together

aligning our business goals

Getting knowledge of the innovation context

understanding the market, customers and the company’s internal stakeholders

A lean innovation process

a smart, flexible process with quick iterations


Way of working

Together with our partners we work on innovation success in the role of venture manager, entrepreneur, interim innovator or project manager. We align our success with our partners’ success.

Sounds good? Please watch the video to understand a little bit better how we’d like to work with you:



Want to know more about us? See out latest LinkedIn blog!

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We have track record in innovation and business development in diverse roles. We represent a combination of new business concept development using design thinking, innovation execution using a lean start-up mindset.

Bas van Wieringen

Bas van Wieringen

Innovation execution

“We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things.”
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Lindy Hensen

Lindy Hensen

New business design

“Innovation is creativity with a job to do.”
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Katinka Bergema

Katinka Bergema

Flex View Details
Our business partners

Our business partners

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Bas van Wieringen

Bas van Wieringen

Innovation execution

“We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things.”

– 6 years+ experience in new business development, growth strategyies and entrepreneurship
– Msc. Strategy and Organizational Science, Utrecht University

“I love turning great ideas into profitable results. I find it a joyful challenge to support companies in realizing new business from the many good ideas created.

My experience so far:

– Innovation executive, transforming concepts to turnover. Various industrial clients such as Cofely, Afval Energie Bedrijf A’dam, Waternet, Cosun, Mourik, SPIE, DS Smith, Canon and Thales
– Entrepreneur at Wkvuvuzela.
– Start-up coach at Yes!Delft

I do this by putting myself in the driver’s seat of an innovation project (you may call it a spin out or a venture as well!) and make it my responsibility to create fast failure or great business impact.”

Lindy Hensen

Lindy Hensen

New business design

“Innovation is creativity with a job to do.”

– 7 years+ experience in (sustainable) innovation and business development in industry
– Msc. Strategic Product Design, Delft University of Technology

“I love working on innovations that eventually improve the world we life in. I am in a flow when I can use my creativity, analytic skills and ability to make things actionable, to make connections and to build meaningful and successful new business concepts.
I love doing this as the frontrunner of the team.”

Also check out my LinkedIn profile!

Katinka Bergema

Katinka Bergema


Katinka is one of our great people in our flex pool. She helps us with topics like cooperation within innovation and the development of visions of the future, for instance by means of innovation workshops.

A little bit more about Katinka:
I have a PhD from Delft University of Technology on the collaboration between people from different companies in innovation project. A well-known example of the kind of projects I am looking at is the development of the Senseo, where Philips & Douwe Egberts collaborated to develop this new coffee concept. I studied what kind of challenges people experience in such collaborations and how people can deal with these challenges in practice. I am now using this knowledge to set-up and coordinate the collaboration for door-to-door luggage services in the aviation industry in PASSME, as well as with my own company, Zwaluw | Innovatie & Samenwerking. With my company, I advise and guide innovation managers in networked innovation projects, give workshops on the challenges and possible solutions, and facilitate interventions in collaborations that are struggling. Besides that, I am a certified facilitator of LEGO Serious Play, a methodology to help teams create a joint vision or enlighten problems in their collaboration.

Our business partners

Our business partners

We have a wide network of innovation professionals, which we work with on a regular basis!



Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more innovations contributing to a better world!


 Successful projects 


 Coached start-ups 


 Involvement in accelerators 


 Met interesting people



We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our projects below.

We have worked for corporations in several industries: Agro&Food, Chemistry, Materials & Energy. In a personal conversation we’d love to tell you more.



Want to know more about our services? Please contact us!

Bas: +31 6 202 863 18 – bas@tekkoo.nl
Lindy: +31 6 539 273 37 – lindy@tekkoo.nl

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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